A Birth Doula provides continuous labor support to the birthing woman, no matter how she chooses to birth. 



Birth Doula


Birth is one of the most unique opportunities we get as women to connect fully with our bodies, listening to it’s intuition, and allowing those instincts to guide us. As a Doula, my ultimate goal is to help pregnant women feel empowered by their birth experiences so they can enter motherhood with confidence. I believe that birth is a right of passage and should be respected no matter how you choose to birth.

Birth Photography


Birth photography captures the details you'll want to remember for a lifetime. Meeting your child for the first time is a moment you simply cannot stage or recreate.   Having a designated photographer ensures these moments are captured while relieving your partner or family members to get the shot right. 

Family Photography


Whether it’s those first few hours of life or your yearly family portraits, I passionately capture the beautiful reality of family life. Family sessions allow you to remember these moments and share for generations to come. 



“Tessa!!! These photos are absolutely incredible. How you balanced guiding us to the finish line and snapping these moments is an enigma. Thank you so much for giving us these images to cherish for the rest of our lives!