Hospital birth doula in Los Angeles, California

A Birth Doula provides continuous labor support to the birthing woman, no matter how she chooses to birth. 

Birth is one of the most unique opportunities we get as women to connect fully with our bodies, listening to it’s intuition, and allowing those instincts to guide us. As a Doula, my ultimate goal is to help pregnant women feel empowered by their birth experiences so they can enter motherhood with confidence. I believe that birth is a right of passage and should be respected no matter how you choose to birth.  Because of the birthing industry's one-size-fits-all approach, it's necessary that the decisions we make be made out of knowledge, not fear.

A fear-free birth will always be a successful birth. 

Studies (like this one) continuously show women who have one-on-one support throughout labor are less likely to receive unnecessary interventions and result in a more satisfying birth experience. This Evidence Based Birth article explores in great detail the benefits of having a doula. I love a good stat list:

  • 25% less likely to result in a Cesarean

  • 8% more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • 10% less likely to choose pain relief medications

  • Shorter labors by 41 minutes on average

  • 38% less likely for baby to have a low five minute Apgar score

  • 31% less likely to report a negative birth experience

Once you make the decision to add me to your birth team, I become your personal birth assistant. I am available via phone/email to answer any questions, offer my resources, and talk all things pregnancy. Once you are in your 3rd trimester, we schedule 1 to 2 prenatal meetings to connect and work together to defuse all  your fears surrounding birth so you are equipped to be the best advocate for yourself and your baby. Knowledge is power. Therefore, the only way to truly approach your birth with confidence is to know all of your options.

Unless your water breaks, I am typically the first person you call once you go into labor. I will help establish that you are in labor, and head to you.  Once I arrive, I will provide you with continuous physical and emotional support by the use of breath, gentle massage and mediation. Whether you labor for 4 hours or 30 hours, I will be with you the entire time.  Once baby is in your arms, I help with the initial breastfeeding. 

Our journey together concludes with one postpartum visit. Once you have settled into a routine, we schedule a postpartum visit within two weeks of your birth. This is our opportunity to talk and begin processing your birth experience. I am also there to help with any breastfeeding issues that may arise and point you in the right direction for continued support.  

If you are interested in working together and would like to discuss further details, please inquire here