Thank you Mom

I’ve finally sat down to write my second birth story, but I’m completely distracted. Not by a screaming baby, or a needy toddler, I’m distracted by the fact that I’ve chosen the car wash on the corner of Woodman and Riverside to write this birth story. 

A car wash. What has my life come to? 

I brought my computer with me today after dropping my firstborn off at preschool, with hopes of finding a suitable coffee house to sit at, drink delicious coffee, nurse my newborn, and write. But I just don’t think that’s going to happen today. 

I have a very long list of things to do during the 3.5 hours my hands and ears are toddler free, but only about 45 minutes before I can actually do anything (all my errands involve me at the mall). And since my car looks like it's been through Armageddon…I gave up my coffee house for the car wash. 

So that’s why I’m here. 

But you see, I really felt like I made the biggest sacrifice a mom could make. I traded my premium iced almond milk latte for car wash coffee. The moment after I made this decision, the coffee snob inside of me started to whimper. So that diner-like coffee pot and white styrofoam cups remained untouched by these hands. I wanted coffee, but not that bad. 

But then…

Now if you’ve ever been to this car wash on the corner of Woodman and Riverside, you would know they have two massive massage chairs just waiting to loosen you up. $1 for 5 min. Yes please. If you’ve ever had a baby, nursed a baby, spent more than 5 minutes bouncing a baby... you will likely feel the desperate need for a massage. So there I sat, with my sleeping babe in her stroller, with my entire body violently jiggling in the lobby of a car wash. And I will say, it was worth every cent.  

So you see, even though I chose necessity (clean car) over preference (coffee house), I got basically a free massage out of it and now I don’t think anything can top that today.

I can see now that my car is finally sparkling again so I better wrap this up.

How about we all call our mama’s (or papa's) today and thank them for choosing the necessary over the preference? Thank them for keeping your habitat somewhat clean. Because she definitely chose cleanliness over everything else she would rather be doing. Like all the things we used to do before we had kids. Like get our nails done…get our hair done…or go to an actual massage establishment.

Isn't that all motherhood is anyways? Fighting all our selfish desires and choosing the things we have to do to make sure our babies grow up to be somewhat decent people? That's definitely what it feels like today. 

Even though I opened this computer to write my birth story, I’ve just realized this entire blog is a summon for a thank you call from my children in about 25 years. 

Shiloh… Noah….if you are reading this, Call me and thank me.  

The car wash guy is now waving his dirty towel at me, so I guess this birth story will have to wait... 


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