A Mama-Must-Have.

One of the amusing things about having your second baby is discovering all the new baby gear that magically appeared on the market in the last two years. It’s kind of nuts how different registries look now compared to only two short years ago. All of these shiny new products look really cool, but it's almost like motherhood didn't even exist before the 80's. How on earth did mamas bathe their children or leave the house without all this stuff? I get these things are meant to make a mama's life easier, but it's starting to seem a little cluttered.

I’m sorry but I really don’t need a wipe warmer (unless it cleans and refills itself).  

I’m sorry, but I really don’t need a water temperature spout cover (that’s the cool thing about wrists, they work too!). 

I’m sorry but I really don’t need thirty stroller blankets. I live in LA. My kids will never know what “cold” actually feels like. 

But then there’s some stuff that I’m like, IF I HAD THAT I’m certain my life would just be so much easier. 

If I had all the money and all the time to get all the new stuff, I would. But I don’t. Plus, I don’t want to have to carry it all. As a minimalist-mama constantly on the go, I don’t have enough hands to carry all this stuff.  So after two years, I like to consider myself a pro at knowing the things mamas actually need. 

A Native Wilds Nest is one of those things. 

The Indy Nest

The Indy Nest

This magical piece of fabric is literally everything a mama-on-the-go needs. It’s phenomenal design allows for use as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, and car seat cover.

Lately, I’ve used mine mostly as a car seat cover because it’s perfect for on-the-go naps. It allows my baby girl to focus on falling asleep and not be distracted by everything else around us. Unlike a regular blanket, I don’t have to worry about the wind blowing it away or my toddler pulling at it. It fits on her car seat like a glove and STAYS THERE (This was something that literally fascinated me from the very beginning and why I bought it). 

Didn’t know this until I read it on their site, but as early as two months, babies recognize colors and patterns.  So just like a bedtime routine signals it's time for baby’s sleep, snuggling in her carseat covered by a Nest, lets baby know it’s time to nap! My firstborn was HORRIBLE at naps in her carseat. My second little one, however, is winning the nap game.  I must give credit to my Native Wild’s Nest. Along with my perfect timing...sometimes.  

I love using it as a nursing cover as well. Not only do their designs make me feel like a fashionista, it make’s nursing on-the-go simple and sweat-free.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good sweat...in the gym. But outside of spin class, I try to keep it all fresh.  There's just something about boob sweat that ruins my day. It’s already bad enough I haven’t washed my hair since Thursday (it’s Wednesday).

But don’t let Native's descriptions about their Nest limit you. I’ve also used my cover as a stroller blanket and as an emergency baby wrap. I left my Solly Wrap (also one of my must have’s) at home on a day when I really needed a sling. But no worries, my Nest totally saved the day. I just tied a knot on one end, and my baby girl Noah still slept like a champ. 

Not to mention, each cover is made with eco-friendly fabric derived from Eucalyptus trees.  When I first opened my nest, I immediately fell in love with how incredibly soft and breathable the material actually is. It’s known to regulate temperature really well, absorb moisture, and protects against those damaging UV rays. 

Motherhood is sweaty and we don’t need any more bulky items weighing down our diaper bag causing more perspiration. So delete those nursing covers, shopping cart covers, and car seat covers from your Amazon cart and just go with Native Wilds. I literally never leave the house without mine. And neither should you.