I’m writing to you from the balcony of my two-bedroom apartment in Studio City, California. The morning haze has finally drifted away and this Southern California sun feels glorious. If I close my eyes, the sound of the palm trees delicately swaying back and forth transport me to the warm beaches of Tulum with an iced coffee in my hand. Ahhhhh. 

Except that the baby is now awake from her nap and this video monitor once again interrupts my dreamy mental vacay. 

Back to reality. Back to business.

After months and years and decades of not knowing what to do with my life, something’s changed. For starters, I’m a mom now.  After surviving a full year of spit up stained clothes, the cruel joke of sleep training, and getting back into my skinny jeans, I feel like I’ve finally found my thing. And for the first time EVER, I believe I’m confident enough to say I have a voice that needs to be heard. So I’ve decided to turn up my volume and hope to the heavens that someone will listen. 

So why are we here?

I have this overwhelming love for all you mamas.

My heart literally feels like it’s going to explode with admiration and respect when I see a pregnant mama-to-be waddling around. I feel her joy. I feel her worry. I hear her heart exploding with love for her unborn baby. I instantly feel like I know her.  Is that normal? 

With that, I also feel her fears. I hear her concerns for the health of her baby, her anxiety of what motherhood will be like. But most of all I feel her growing anticipation of where this all leads.


I’ve always had a fascination for the labor and delivery process. “So this little human baby thing came out of that?! There’s no way that seems possible. And even if it is, give me ALL the drugs legally allowed so I don’t have to know what thats like. Eww. You women be crazy.”

Except that it is possible. It is more than possible. It is the most beautiful thing. 

But that was me just a few short years ago. Within the past few years, I’ve done some extensive research and actually gave birth to know that so little of the right information is being shared in the mainstream media today. And the information that is out there doesn’t quite appeal to the masses, if you know what I mean.  We aren’t all chanting hippies birthing in a pool of our own feces (if you are that’s cool too!).

And for all you mama’s out there who have already walked through this birthing threshold, I feel like we all belong to this super secret society. Yet every single one of us is campaigning to become the next President.  So instead of being welcomed into this club with open arms, it feels like I just walked into the crossfires of a silent war taking place on every playground, daycare, and grocery store. 

Let’s all just relax.  Your way may not be the right way for the woman standing next to you. If there was only one way to raise a kid, we might as well be bees and appoint one young lady to birth our young...Yeah I don’t think so. All we can do is accept new perspectives, listen to our own instincts, and show grace to those who aren’t quite there yet. 

So I’m here today to give you a glimpse into my life, my experiences, and the information I come across to help myself and you be informed, empowered, and confident to do this thing we call motherhood. I hope you will join me on this adventure. My promise to you is that I truly have your best interest at heart and will go to great lengths to build up every woman I can reach. 

This is not our mother’s world anymore. It’s up to us to redefine the norm. 

Let’s get this isht started.