Please call me Tessa because most days I’m only referred to as “Mama.”  It’s nice to feel human sometimes. I am a full time manager to two very demanding little humans, Shiloh & Noah. It’s a position I’ve held for five years and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. When I’m not cleaning or cooking a gourmet pot of macaroni & cheese, I’m either writing, taking photos or Doula-ing (which is not a word, but I’m using it).

My interest in birth started with the documentary The Business of Being Born. The film opened my eyes to the possibility of what birth could be and instantly changed the course of my life. After two beautiful home births attended by midwives (you can read about them here and here), I discovered my passion to educate and empower others regarding their birth choices. I have a deep respect for the female body and only see beauty in the wild nature of birth. 

Working as a doula, I aim to help families find their voice through the birth process. My ultimate goal is to help families understand their options, to feel safe and empowered to achieve their best birth experience so they can enter parenthood with confidence. Because let's be honest, taking care of little baby humans is hard and we all just want someone to give you a handbook. So, let me be your handbook. 

My latest venture is in birth and newborn photography. When I started my blog, taking photos became a fun hobby of mine. Yet, the more exposed I am to the beauty of birth, the more in love with the process I’ve become. Birth photography is something that I’ve long admired and wanted to do myself, so this year I finally made that leap. 

Thank you for reading this far, hope you’ve enjoyed you’re time here on my site.