True Motherhood
True Motherhood
Los Angeles based Birth Doula & Photographer

Hi, I’m Tessa reyes Benz

Doula + Photographer


Changing the way we birth…

A Birth Doula provides continuous labor support to the birthing woman, no matter how she chooses to birth. I aim to help pregnant women feel empowered by their birth choices, help partners discover their necessary role, so they can enter parenthood with confidence. An empowered birth is a successful birth.

Birth photography captures the intimate beginning of becoming a family. Documenting this transition is something unique and irreplaceable. And in those first few days and months of transition, these moments are the ones you’ll want to hold forever.



Whether you are here looking for a birth doula, a photographer, or something in between, I’d love to chat to find out how I can best serve you!



How you balanced guiding us to the finish line and snapping these moments is an enigma. Thank you so much for giving us these images to cherish for the rest of our lives!
— R. S.
Most of our friends and family did not know what a Doula was, but when they met Tessa and saw what a huge help she was to my husband and I before, during and after the birth of our daughter, not to mention what a great presence she has with being so nice and genuine, they were on board with wanting the same assistance for their birth/pregnancy story. AND she does birth photography if you’d like, which she is amazing at! We almost didn’t do the photography, because we wondered if it was worth it. We are SO thankful we did! What a great way to remember the moments, because looking back it’s a blur.
— N.S.
When it comes to birth, its not about who you’re comfortable with in the room but who you WANT in the room. Tessa is someone you want in the room. Her presence is comforting and peaceful, while carrying strength and power - she is a ROCK!
— J.R.
Tessa is amazing! She knows and loves birth, and she is both honest and loving in her support. Her history as a certified personal trainer means she knows the body well and works wonderfully with people. I can’t wait to have her at my next birth!
— A.R.

About Me

After the births of my two daughters, I discovered my passion to educate and empower others regarding their birth options. For the last two years, it has been my ultimate goal as a doula to help families achieve their best birth experience so they can enter parenthood with confidence. Because let's be honest, taking care of little baby humans is hard and we all just want someone to give you a handbook. So, let me be your handbook. 

Shortly after I started attending births, I immediately fell in love with documenting the entire wild nature of birth. I capture the moments you’ll want to remember for a lifetime and pass on to the next generation. 

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